Sunday, September 29, 2013

catching up

It's been a very strange few weeks, that included brain surgery for me, some rainy Florida days, John's trip back to PA to close up the apartment up there and bring back his stuff.  I need to get this blog into active mode again, so here goes.

This is the photo from my first room at the University of Miami Hospital where they took a fairly large tumor (yes, it was breast cancer) from my head.

I knew this was a good photo - Dish material - so I submitted and sure enough, Andrew Sullivan ran it as a View from Your Window a couple of weeks later ...

John settled in to be an excellent nurse, cook and dog walker.  Who knows how I would have made it without him!

A week after the surgery, while I was still revved up on steroids, we ventured down to WPB for the Harmonies from the Heart concert.
 This is Norman, who has such a rich, deep sense about him.  He is like an Old Testament prophet.
 These are the meatballs we made one night.
This is how I looked a week after brain surgery.  I had not yet crashed from the steroid withdrawal.
 And this is the lovely Harriet Himmel Theatre at night.


  1. Wow! VFYW contributor! And another Dish-head! It is a great photo. Hope you are recovering well and that the surgery did all it was intended to do. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. things are going well, Barbara. If all goes well this week, we should be on our way to New Mexico by the weekend. Stay tuned!